Saturday May 25 , 2019

Child Dedication

Child dedication is a symbolic ceremony performed by Christian parents soon after the birth of a child. Sometimes child dedications have several couples & children participating at the same time, other times it is just one family. The ceremony is intended to be a public statement from the parents that they will train their children in the Christian faith and seek to instill that faith in them. The congregation affirms that they, as a church family, will also seek to encourage the parents to bring up the child in the faith.

It should be understood that there is no Biblical mandate to have a child dedicated.  In other words, there is no implied salvation nor dispensation of grace in the ceremony itself.  Typically the account of Hannah and her son is referenced as a Biblical example, however this is not prescriptive for Christian parents.  Child dedication is not one of the two sacraments – baptism & the Lord’s Supper – required of Christians in the New Testament. A sacrament may be defined as “the outward symbol of inward grace.”  As Christians, we are baptized and participate in the Lord’s Supper as outward and public signs of what Christ has done within us. While child dedication is not an officially instituted sacrament of the church, there does not seem to be any conflict with Scripture as long as parents do not view it as assuring the salvation of the child.
For more information on this, please contact the church office.