Tuesday October 23 , 2018

Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan.001

I’d like to invite you to read through the Bible with us using a 2 year reading plan & devotional. Lets encourage one another along and commit to this together.  Here are the reading plans for you to access anytime:

• Daily Reading Plan – 2013

• Daily Reading Plan – 2014


– Additional Resources –
I’d like to offer a few ideas & accessories to help you with your daily Bible reading & to encourage you as you continue reading through God’s word in our 2 year plan.  So here are some additional resources for you:

Discuss & Share Together
If you plan to read along, I’d encourage you to participate in our Table Group (Click here to join).
There you can join in to read & share thoughts, insights, & discussions on the daily Scripture readings.  This will help keep one another accountable and make it more of a community involvement.

Listen to God’s Word
You can also hear the reading plan read for you on this podcast:

*Keep in mind that this podcast has our 2 year reading plan set to go through in 1 year instead.  So you would listen to the first half & then leave the 2nd have until next year’s reading plan.

Daily Devotions
There is also a devotional (1 for each year) that follows along with the daily readings as well, if that would interest you.  The devotional is called “For the Love of God” by D.A. Carson. Those are available by clicking the links below:

• For the Love of God – Volume 1 (for 2013):    physical   iBooks   Logos   Logos (collection)

• For the Love of God – Volume 2 (for 2014):    physical   iBooks   Logos   Logos (collection)