Saturday May 25 , 2019

River Sunday School

It is our prayer that we could live out Our Children’s Ministry Mission: 

Loving and equipping children to know God and make Him known


Sunday School is offered at  9:00 – 9:45 AM  for ages 3 years thru  12th grade.

Sunday School runs from September – May.

In Sunday School youth will learn to explore biblical studies in depth and to use God’s word as their compass through life’s journey. Our purpose is to love our children and help teach them about salvation, the gospel and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, mentored scripture study, crafts, games and service projects.  We believe and research has shown that discipling by engaging in personal relationships with youth aid them to naturally grow centered around Christ. They will have fun learning a key scripture verse each week through praise, mentoring and activities.

Youth will love telling others about what they learned at Sunday School and be excited to come back and learn more each week.  Adults have the privilege of forming rewarding bonds with them in a way that creates true relationship and value across generations.



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