Saturday May 25 , 2019


We offer nursery for your kids year round at our 10:15 AM Service.

The River Nursery is a place where loving care is given to children from birth through 4 years.  Safety is always a priority when it comes to little ones.  The Nursery is staffed by at least two volunteers each Sunday about 15 minutes prior to the start of service.  Feel free to use the nursery area before this but please do not leave your child in the nursery until a volunteer is present.

When you bring your child please sign them in and leave a labeled diaper bag with adequate supplies for your child.  A snack is occasionally served in the nursery please note any food allergies on the sign-in each week.  Some activities that your child may participate in during church include; reading, singing, dancing, coloring and playing. When picking them up, please sign the child out.  Please send a parent or someone designated in writing to pick up the child.

Suggested Nursery Items:
Diaper Bag, Diapers, Wipes, Ointment, Bottles and Blanket or comfort items.