Public Scripture Reading

Instructions for Scripture Reading:

1.) Please use the ESV (English Standard Version).
You can look up & print the text by clicking here.

2.) Read the text out loud a few times prior to the service to familiarize yourself with the text.  Know where you begin & end.

3.) Arrive early for the 10 AM service & report in with the sound booth when you should go up and what microphone you will be using.

4.) Meet the worship team for prayer about 15 minutes before the service.

5.) Ask the congregation to turn to the passage your are reading & give them time to turn to it.

6.) Ask the congregation to stand at the reading of God’s word.

7.) Feel free to pray before the reading.

8.) Hold the microphone close to your lips/chin.

9.) Speak slowly and clearly, annunciating the words as you read.

10.) After the reading, quietly take your Bible, put your microphone away (give it to the sound booth) and take your seat in the congregation.

Click here to print Instructions for Scripture Reading

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