Saturday May 25 , 2019


River is a church that likes to base our beliefs and practices on God’s Word (the Bible) rather than traditions of man.  Therefore we would be considered to be “non-traditional” by most in our area.  However that does not mean that we are not theologically conservative, nor that we do all “newer songs” only.  We love upbeat music to sing and clap to the Lord, and we also love the historic hymns to cherish Him as well.  We value truth, as we believe it is found in the Bible.

Come as you are! On any given Sunday you’ll see jeans, a tie, shorts, dress shirts, suits, t-shirts, flip flops (except in winter, of course), some even prefer to go barefoot during our summer services. We are more concerned with your spiritual condition on the inside rather than your physical clothing on the outside. Our dress code is: Please wear something!  🙂

We have an awesome children’s ministry! At River, kids are a vital part of our ministry!  Our desire is to teach children about God and cultivate their spiritual growth – not just babysit or entertain them.  At our worship service, we offer nursery during the sermon.  We want your children to engage with the message and it’s not uncommon to see children worshiping with the songs or engaging with the sermon.

The worship music at River is an important part of our worship services. You will experience life overflowing into genuine praise to God. We’re not afraid to come and adore our King!  We believe that music should be a source of education as well as exultation. Worship revolves around understanding who God is and delighting in Him. Our desire is to worship God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. You’ll hear a good mix contemporary music and traditional hymns, but more importantly, the content of the songs will be God-centered and cross-focused.   We hope that you will experience life overflowing as we praise God together by singing His value and worth to Him!

The teaching & preaching at River is out of the ESV, English Standard Version.  We highly recommend this translation, as it is current, flows nicely, and is a very accurate according to the original text manuscripts.  The church will gladly provide you with an ESV Bible to use during our services, or you are welcome to purchase an ESV Bible online if you would like.

Our service begins at 10:15AM with fellowship prior at 9:45 AM, and the service ending about 11:15. We have Sunday School at 9:00 and allow for a time of conversation and refreshments between the service and Sunday School.

Typically the first half of our time together is devoted to singing songs of praise, while the last half is devoted to hearing from God’s Word and reflecting on what is being taught. Please understand that we intentionally do not advertise an end time though because sometimes our services go a little bit longer or shorter. Don’t worry, the time flies by and you’ll be anxious for the next time we can gather together.  🙂

You will love the sermons at River!  The aim of the preaching at River is to expose the Word of God to the listener as best as possible.  This style, called “expository preaching” is what you find used in sermons from the Bible.  Our aim is to explain the Scriptures clearly to reveal what God is saying in & through them to you, the listener.

We have a mission statement that helps describe our preaching ministry:
“Preaching the truth, reaching the lost, teaching the found… for the glory of Christ & the joy of His people!”

We are affiliated with the SBC.  The “Southern Baptist Convention” allows us to share a common bond of basic Biblical beliefs and a commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. It was organized in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia—thus the name “Southern.” Being a part of the SBC gives churches a way to collectively express their convictions and realize their vision. This allows us to partner with other churches of like mind around the nation, pooling our resources to fulfill the Great Commission.

Unlike most denominations, the SBC does not dictate local church affairs such as: ordain ministers, assign staff to churches, levy contributions to denominational causes, impose literature, calendar, preaching, or assign persons to churches according to place of residence. Instead we consider these and other issues to be local church matters.  Therefore every church in the SBC is autonomous, meaning they are self-governed and make our own decisions locally.  We believe that this helps to allow us to follow Christ and not a controlling denomination.

For more information on our denomination & affiliations, please click here.  

If you are a person that doesn’t have any problems, sins, or issues… you won’t be welcome here.  We have a saying at River – “No perfect people allowed”.  So if you are not used to going to church, or haven’t been to church in a while, you will fit right in!  We call ourselves “A church for the unchurched”.  This means that we tailor our services with those who aren’t used to attending. If you feel you are too far off, too much of a sinner, or that the church might burn down if you walk in… we welcome you anyways! You’ll fit right in with the rest of us. Besides we do have insurance to cover if this actually happens.  🙂


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