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  For the last several weeks we have done a soft opening for Sunday Morning Worship Service to see how things would go.  And praise God, they have gone pretty smoothly.  We still will be streaming our worship service, and also posting our weekly service to our website, but you are also invited to join us for in-person worship.  We are practicing some social distance cautions with seating which has limited our capacity some, but we have room currently.  You can choose to wear a mask if you wish, keep distances as you talk with people or whatever you might need to keep yourself safe and comfortable during this time of uncertainty, but we know God is certain and hope you will join us as we come together and understand Him better.  Our worship service looks a bit different then in the past as we plan on taking this Summer to explore the heart of worship, what it means to come together as a body and praise God and what it means to live Holy lives, not just happy ones.  


River of Life - Portage, WI

River of Life Church in Portage offers ways for you to worship & grow

We will be streaming our services via Facebook for the next several weeks. The building will only be open Sunday Mornings for worship service if you would like to attend in person.  We are taking some Covid-19 precautions so please be respectful to everyone as they practice what the feel is best practices for their circumstances. Join us in worship at https://www.facebook.com/lifeoverflowing/ at our normal time, 10:15AM. Sunday worship services are Biblical and will inspire you to follow the Lord more closely.  The sermon will dig into the Scriptures with you and teach you what it means to follow Jesus Christ in your daily life.


We look forward to coming back together in face-to-face worship as soon as this all blows over.  Praying for everyone's safety.  While we are not able to come together face-to-face we are gathering via an online live stream where you can comment prayer requests, say hello to others and see who is all tuning in at the same time.  Come join in.  We also have several study groups that meet throughout the week online to study the word of God together and share in fellowship.  Contact us for more information.


Live online on Sunday morning's at 10:15 AM.  Find us at www.facebook.com/lifeoverflowing/.  We will take prayer requests, let you know what is going on in our community and give you information for participating in musical worship and listening to the message.  Worship is a heart thing, don't let this social distance thing rob you of lifting up your heart in true worship to God.  We'll help the best we can during these times to give you an opportunity to do so!


The Body of Christ is called to use it's spiritual gifts to glorify God and edify fellow believers. While there are any ways to do this, one is to serve the Portage Community through outreach ministries.  This blessing does not just help others, it spiritually grows us through the process of serving Christ also.  Any time you serve another human being in the name of Christ by sharing His love it changes and shapes you.  We put a big emphasis on not just knowing God but on applying what God has taught us through Scripture and being his hands and feet here in our local area.  We do this through service projects, providing meals and many other ways, all so those who live in Portage can know the love of God.

We also offer Children and Youth Ministries that rock!  Wherever you are in your walk with Christ, whether you're waiting to take your first step or you've been walking with Him for years, you are welcome!


We are located at:

River of Life Church
104 W. Franklin St.
Portage, WI 53901

We are directly across the street from Rusch Elementary School (where the public pool is) on the corner of W. Franklin St. and DeWitt St.

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Kylar Graf

Fantastic close knit family of believers. Been my home church for 8-9 years now and I love it! I was a member from October 2015 until January 23rd 2017.

Steven Ferrel

The best Church ever.

It's like having a second family.

Jesse Chambers

River Of Life Church has been a terrific solid foundation in my Christian walk, for almost 8 years. It is a great place to grow and develop my faith in God.

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